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2018RMS Sales ElitesTraining Ended Successfully

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2018RMS Sales ElitesTraining Ended Successfully

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      The training of high-flow oxygen therpy was held in Shenyang from Feb.2nd to 5th,2018, more than 60 sales elites from all over the country attended this training.The purpose of this meeting is to enhance partner's understanding about the Hifent’s clinical  and range of application,study the theory and clinical practice knowledge,make master of installing trolley and Hifent sapare parts,learn the after - sales knowledge and other aspects.
      In this meeting,  Director Dai from First affiliated hospital of China medical university was invited to teach professional knowledge to the sales elites from the perspective of clinical application and mechanism,then the director of quality inspection department teached the knowledge of after-sales and fault detection.At last,  the new in of 2018 medical care was released by marketing manager . During the meeting, everyone has high learning enthusiasm and enthusiastic response.




                                                                        Wrote New Year's greetings on "RMS family" wall



                                                                   Mr. Chen,general manager of RMS made a speech at the meeting.



                                                                                   Teacher Dai was teaching at the meeting



                                                                      The students  were trained by grouping in the workshop



                                                                                                A group photo of attending students




                                                                                                         Here’s the deal!
                 The favorite skiing  Let our friends experience big northeast of "snow and ice apart from studying



                                                                      POSS is important!!!



                                                                                            Had a tug of war in the snow



                                                                                           “Speed and enthusiasm “in the snow




                                                                                       Even cold weather couldn't block our passions


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