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Blockbuster! Manager Chen was Selected as a Leading Talent in

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Blockbuster! Manager Chen was Selected as a Leading Talent in

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      The office of the central talents work coordination group announced the third batch of national "ten thousand people plan" leading talent candidates on December 28, 2017 .Mr. Chen Shaochun , general manager and founder of Shenyang RMS Medical Tech Co., Ltd.,was selected as a technology startup leading talent in the national "ten thousand people plan"




      The national "ten thousand people plan" is the national high-level talents special support plan, this is a special support plan to domestic high-level talents;Also a talent plan in parallel with the "one thousand people plan" which introduce high-level overseas talents.It is the Party Central Committee, focusing on the overall planning of domestic and foreign talent resources, highlighting high-end guidance and comprehensively promoting the construction of our talent team.
     The "ten thousand people plan" has been highly valued by the central leadership from the beginning.In 2013, President Xi stressed in his speech at the European and American students association's 100th anniversary celebration: we should focus on developing and utilizing domestic and international talent resources to promote the "ten thousand people plan". 



       Chen Shaochun , 37 years old, master's degree, studied with Yumeng Sun, Chinese academy of  biomedical engineering  academician. has participated in and organized more than 10 provincial, municipal and district science and technology projects under the national support plan (3 projects), and  once as a project leader, led and undertook the project of the national support plan "new non-invasive ventilator".Published 4 academic papers and obtained 25 patents.

      Mr. Chen founded Shenyang RMS Medical Technology Co., LTD. in 2011 , which is currently the only high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights of noninvasive ventilator, oxygen concentrator and high-flow heated respiratory humidifiers.Our products have been certified by FDA, CE, RoHS and GMP of South Korea,also are exported to many countries in Europe, America and Asia.

      Mr. Chen has led the RMS team to insist that quality is the first element and positive development and technological innovation are the foundation of the enterprise from starting a business to now.He believes that enterprises need to have core technologies and the ability of continuous innovation to better improve the quality and image of local brands in China.Nowadays, RMS has become the most dynamic and potential enterprise in the field of respiratory support in China.

                                                                                  Mr. Chen introduced the development history of the company for leaders


      Mr.Chen said: "it is not only an honor but also a responsibility to be selected as technology startup leading talent in the national "ten thousand people plan" .I would like to lead RMS team, adhere to the craftsman spirit of "quality + innovation", and constantly push the core technology of the industry to reach the international advanced level, making the world fall in love with China's creation!


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