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Shenyang RMS Won

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Shenyang RMS Won

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      The 2018 China science and technology entrepreneurship talents investment training camp was held in shenyang on March 24 , 2018.It is a non-profit guidance platform for national high-level scientific and technological talents under the guidance of the ministry of science and technology.The aim is to improve the financing ability of scientific and technological talents, cultivate innovative entrepreneurs and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

       There were around 100 enterprises have signed up for this training camp,after the initial evaluation ,Shenyang RMS won "most valuable project",Mr. Chen shaochun, general manager of RMS, was presented with certificates, trophies and prize money by the leader of the provincial science and technology department.







As a well-known high-tech enterprise in Liaoning province,RMS has been adhering to positive development and technological innovation as the fundamental . This award is highly recognized by provincial leaders on RMS’s medical innovation ability and development prospect.Under the leadership of general manager Chen Shaochun, RMS follows closely the strategic policy of "One Belt And One Road" of the central government, to be creative, constantly improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and actively promotes the industry core technology to reach the international advanced level as soon as possible.Nowadays, RMS has become the most potential enterprise in the respiratory support  field in China.



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