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Medica Fair India 2018

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Medica Fair India 2018

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                                                        Medica Fair India 2018

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     The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2018 is a trade fair for hospitals and medical devices in India,also one of the most famous medical exhibitions in South Asia and central Asia.In recent years, the Indian medical industry has been developing rapidly , and the demand for hospitals and medical equipment in this region is also increasing. MEDICAL FAIR INDIA has become a grand event in the medical field.

     There are more than 500 enterprises participating in this exhibition. During the exhibition from March 16th to 18th, more than 300 visitors came to our booth.Most of them are local distributors and local medical institutions.This exhibition enables Indian customers to have a deeper understanding of the various series of RMS products , among which the series of high-flow heated respiratory humidification and series of ventilators are well received by Indian customers.

                               RMS NEWS

                               RMS NEWS

                               RMS NEWS

      During the exhibition,RMS held the first agent welcome dinner in mumbai and gathered with agents from different regions of India for dinner.The agent praised and recognized the performance of our products and put forward valuable Suggestions and ideas. The local RMS sales team provided the best technical support and after-sale service for the agent.

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