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HUMID-BM(Standard for hospital)

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HUMID-BM(Standard for hospital)

Detailed introduction



(Standard-Manual titration control)




Product Introduction

HiFent  nasal high flow, provide higher flow rate than conventional oxygen treatment during high flow oxygen therapy and process,ideal solution for offering FiO2 that can be manual titration controled,mixed gas with controlled temperature and humidity , so as to achieve better airway management and raise the level of oxygenation.   


Applicable department

Respiratory medicine, various ICU, emergency room, neurology, neurosurgery, paediatrics (weight >3kg), rehabilitation , wards for high-ranking officials and so on.


Clinical applications

For patients with spontaneous breathing,have a respiratory treatment by setting concentration, setting flow rate and offering the gas of warming humidity.Cannot be used for life support.


Main features

1.It provides mixed gas with high flow rate, high FiO2 and nearly 100% relative humidity, so as to achieve the following effects.

2.Keep a stable and high FiO2 , improve the effective ventilation of alveoli.

3.Reduce the dead space of nasopharynx, build oxygen - enriched storage room in upper airway, and improve breathing efficiency.

4.There is low positive pressure at end-expiratory ,promote alveolar open.

5.Good humidification, improve mucosa cleaning function, promote sputum discharge, reduce the chance of infection.

6.Good comfort and tolerance, high compliance for patients.


Clinical application value

1.ICU emergency mild and moderate acute respiratory failure(hypoxic Non-CO2 retention )

  Improve breathing difficulty and the effect of improving oxygenation is obvious.

  The rate of intubation and mortality were significantly lower than that of noninvasive ventilation and standard oxygen therapy.

2.A new option from the creative withdrawal machine.

  The drone fights and reduces the reintubation rate.

3.Acute heart failure or cardiogenic pulmonary edema.

  Improve the symptoms of dyspnea and refractory hypoxia.

4.Hypoxic patients  assist  bronchoscopy, transesophageal ultrasonography and digestive endoscopy.

  Added an effective oxygen therapy.

5.When the trachea is intubated(respiratory distress critical illness ) 

  Delay the time of hypoxemia.

6.Palliative treatment

  New options for end-stage patients who reject intubation and resuscitation.


System composition

HUMID-BM main machine

Heating tube

HUMID-BM humidification pot

Nasal cannula


Oxygen flowmeter

Connecting pipe of Oxygen source







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